We're going to win!!

How can one single event, that didn't go as well as we would have liked, overshadow all the victories we had in the past? (that's a question I can't answer and I don't attempt to in this post) I know I'm not the only one who has had this happen. Elijah had this problem. He had a huge victory against the Baal prophets and soon after that we was running scared from Jezebel and ready to die. He had his competition against them to see which if there god or his God would answer first by fire on an altar they had each built and he had so much confidence and faith that he had no problem mocking them as they called out to Baal. God showed up and put Baal to shame and then Elijah proceeded to kill all the servants of Baal. Jezebel heard about his and sent some people to kill him but Elijah got away, and then he went into this depression and wanted to die.
Some kids were trying to start a fight here as few days ago. I stayed outside and watched them the whole time trying to diffuse the situation and get them to go home and chill. I had a talk with the two that I thought were more mature and I thought they would go home like I had asked so there wouldn't be a fight. It didn't happen. I went home and ten minutes later I decided to go for a walk for a few minutes to see where they other group was. I found them in the other kids parking lot fighting. One adult was trying to break it up and the every one else was just watching these six kids as they would just at random times run up and hit each other. I jumped in and broke up the fights, out of instinct, and all I heard from some of the other adults was “let them fight; let them go; let them get there licks in; if they don't finish it today they just gonna to do it tomorrow”. When I heard those comments I wanted to take a swing at the person saying it (what a great example that would be). Finally, the one other adult trying to stop the fighting took one of the kids home to talk to his parents; the other people decide to go home or someone that knew them took them home,and it was all over. It ended that quickly, in just few seconds everybody was gone. I just looked like some crazy white man trying to be a hero but I felt like crap. I didn't know why it started or who it started with. I just know that it started at the Community House with two kids (and two instigators) and then it ended with six of them, all getting embarrassed, with nothing but tears streaked faces.
Right then it seemed like every other victory we had in the past just faded away and I couldn't see anything except a fight that I failed to prevent. I just felt like packing my bags and leaving. Where would I have gone? I don't know. Somewhere far away. That would just be another victory for the enemy. I'm going to persevere, look to the future, focus on battles I've won,dig in, and keep pressing on.


Eighty kids in one van...just kidding

Jaime had a cell group yesterday; tears were shed hearts were changed and four more girls have joined the ranks of Christ's army to fight against dark spiritual forces in this world. Pray that they are discipled effectively and raised up to replicate the Jesus they see in us.

Today we took thirty six kids to CiCi's pizza. I think CiCi's probably either hates or loves us. The funny thing is that we had two fifteen passenger vans and one mini van. Which means we only had one free seat out of the three vans. If all the kids we know here could have come we would have to be braking the law, I'm not saying we would...maybe...to get kids to church though I think there's got to be some grace for that...hopefully from both God and man. Two fifteen passenger vans is a lot of space to fill. That's like almost forty seats, but when all the kids are talking and singing and trying to get your attention all at the same time (they're multi-tasking and don't even know it) it seems like we have eighty kids in one van, which can be tons of fun especially when you're driving...but not the best idea in the world. Whether we have fourteen kids or thirty eight we have fun and I love every minute of it. The thing I love most about doing this is that kids are going to church and having fun, and the fun isn't just in the gym or at CiCi's. That's the Holy Spirit


Back to school back to school...

The kids are back in school and now we have gone from fun summer crazy cool stuff all day to calm down, lets get some homework done, and then go nuts!! WOO HOO!!!! (woo hoo?? does anyone use that term anymore??). Football season is starting up. That's very good news. Today the Gators posted its first of many wins this season and that makes me excited. This Thursday The Miami Dolphins start and Tampa and Jacksonville start next Sunday...which reminds me I need to go buy some more Chezz-its. Jaime and I are having a debate as to who is smarter. We took a few on-line tests and I scored higher on both of them proving that I am smarter then we took on-line IQ test and she scored slightly higher than me (her score 127 my score126) proving that she is smarter than me, but then again I don't really know how much an on-line IQ and/or intelligence test can prove. I d0 stel thenck i is samrtser then she ares cause me wents tu kolige and gots edumacted. I'm glad it's time to go back to school.