Top Ten...My Apologies

I'm sorry I have to do this, but I feel that there is a number of things that we say here at The War College that should never come form our mouths. I am guilty as well. They are as follows...

10. "My apologies." -Travis/Jo-No/Josh/Phil/Xander
9. "Hey, I got a Latte Machine donated!" -Jonathan Berkshire (AKA- JoNo)
8. "Sorry I'm late for Pray the Bible, I had to straighten my hair." -Jenn Burr, phase 2 (she said this last year while she was a student)
7. "You can break into 705 with a knife or a phone card." -Anyone
6. "Hey baby, wanna chug some gravy?" -Josh and Jamie Smith
5. "My hard-drive crashed/computer is fried/laptop broke." -Jamie Smith, JoNo, or Linsey New
4. "Make it a venti cappuccino." -Josh and Phil...well, kinda all of whenever we have money.
3. "I break your mom off in Jesus' Name." -Jaime Riefer, Xander and Travis
2. "I'm going to return my rental car." -JoNo
1. "The wireless is down...again" -Jamie Smith, JoNo, Linsey, SueAnn, Nicole, Jaime Riefer, JoNo, Xander, JoNo, Josh, Phil, and JoNo

Everyone, enjoy! There will be issues of the same kinda thing in the future...hollaaaaaah.


It's Jesus or hell


My apologies

Okay, I finally got a blog started. Now everybody's happy. I wish I had done this earlier because there was so much stuff that happened in the past seven months that (in Steven Court's words) it was blogable. Unfortunatley, it's all over and done with.
Anyway, Today at SFU was not as gerat as I thought it would be, but it was a b-e-autiful campus. It was also very post modern. (Wow, I quoted two instructors on my first blog post how awesome is that?) I was expecting there to be a whole bunch of students that we would have a chance to talk with but most of them had left already. Exams were just finishing, but tht's the way the cookie crumbles I guess. Pretty soon I'm just going to have a blog filled woth quotes from The War College. I know my blog may look bare right now but I will get some more stuff on it, don't worry.