I'm a big fan of the beach

I arrived in Florida and now I’m back in Charlotte. I went to St. Augustine for a vacation/my sisters wedding. It was all because Terri (my sister) was getting married, but I did enjoy having a week long vacation in a city that I hadn’t been in just over three years. I realized how much I miss the beach. I spent my first couple of days on the beach with my family. I tackled the waves with my niece and nephew and I felt like I couldn’t get enough of it, the water the sun the sand and just being there with my family was almost incredible. Even as it was getting dark, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to see anything with in the next twenty minutes, I felt like I could have stayed out there all night, but I probably would have gotten hungry after a while.

I realized after a few days that a lot can change in three years. My day and I went to see a Bourne Ultimatum and we got in free because the person in the box office was a guy that went to the St. Augustine Corps while we lived there and if hadn’t said anything to me I would have no clue who he was he looked so different and to top it off one of the other guys that also went to the corps was one of the associate managers. These were guys who were like fifteen and fourteen when I left and now they were adults and looked totally different. I guess change really is inevitable…especially after three years.

The wedding, on the other hand, went on without a single issue and it was absolutely beautiful. The entire ceremony was awesome and the reception was even better where my seven- (almost eight) year-old nephew (Anders) stole the show. Everybody loved watching him dance and run around and act crazy and to top it all off I lifted him up in the air for the garter toss and he made an amazing one-handed catch, then he had to put it on the leg of the girl the caught the bouquet and he wasn’t a bit shy about it. After that he busted some more moves on the dance floor and everyone loved him. Then we all sent my sister and her husband off to there honeymoon. Then I went back to Gainesville (the heart of gator nation) spent a few more days relaxing and then got on the bus and ended up back here in Charlotte. Praise The Lord.


Oh, where is my hair bru...summer???

I know where my hairbrush is, but has anyone seen the rest of my summer? Seriously I feel like I missed half of it. It’s has been going by so fast I feel like I can’t soak enough of it in. I have been spending a lot more time inside than outside this summer because of work and all that jazz but still it’s almost gone. The last few days have been ridiculously hot and it probably will be for the next month, but it seems like just yesterday I was pulling out my coat and freezing my butt off while I waited for the bus. Leo is already back from his summer assignment and Jesse will be back in six days and Matt will be heading back to Vancouver. The last if summer camps have come and gone and TMI and TYI have just finished. I feel like it has gone by way too fast. Maybe I need a beach. I need to squeeze every last ounce of summer and sun out these next month and a half…wow when I write it like that it seems like I have so much left, that’s why it seems so short it’s not over yet. I think this heat is getting to me. Oh it just started raining, that’s good. I guess I’ll have to get a good summer fix when I go down to Florida for my sisters wedding. For those of you I haven’t told yet that know my sister yes, she is getting married in just a few weeks. That’ll be fun. It’ll be nice to go back to St. Augustine and see some friends that I haven’t seen in a few years, but I’m not excited about taking the bus there or back. I think if the bus trip is worst part of that week it should be well worth it.

For those of you who are fans of Starbucks (even if you aren’t) next time you go consider ordering a PTL (Passion Tea Lemonade) (there’s no coffee in it for those of you that don’t like coffee). PTL is the marking we use for that drink. It makes me laugh every time someone orders that or I see it on a cup because even though I know I need to make that drink Praise The Lord is the first thing that pops into my head. Jesus is being praised at Starbucks and some people don’t even know it. PTL!!!