Belfast anyone...anyone...Belfast...

So I went to Belfast, Maine today. Why you ask because I’m a nice guy and can’t say no when I am asked to do physical labor…why is that?? Since I had nothing planned for this morning I agreed to drive the Family Store truck to Belfast to pick some stuff up. I should have said no. It was worse than our regular pickups around town. I thought it would be easy stuff that we would load onto the truck. Almost nothing was in boxes a good chunk of the stuff was garbage. There were a ton of shoes as well. So Patti, Elizabeth, Lugi and, I all started in on this pile of junk. I enjoyed the drive though I heard Smoke on the Water on the radio which got me into a good driving mood. I then went to see Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds. It was a very good movie. Not as many preaching points as other movies, but it was still good. Wow. I just used the number of preaching points in it to help judge a movie. One of the side effects of TWC I guess. Does anyone else do that? I don’t think it’s bad but it is weird. Didn’t I blog about this once before? I don’t remember. I had an urge to watch Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure a couple nights ago. I’m glad Jenn left that movie hear. It was hilarious!! I loved it. Does anyone know when Van Halen was at the height of their popularity? They talked a lot about Eddie Van Halen. I watched Bill and Ted and ate Ice Cream. Chris pulled off a scam that I think would make Stephen Court proud. Chris got Gabby (A friend who happens to be a girl. Nothing more.) to do his laundry. He has never done laundry in his life. What makes it even funnier is that she didn’t know how to work the machine so they had to call Doug to get instructions to turn and pull the knob. WOW!! That’s funny!!!!! We are [pushing on with VBS although the kids don’t seem to want to listen at times (this reminds me of something else that starts with a w and ends in arrior academy). We’re raising up souldiers who know all there is to know about Jewish culture. Fun fun fun.

I realized to day that I love almonds. I never knew it before but I do now.

The war is on our battle cry is NO COMPROMISE!!


Another Wednesday at the Family Store

It’s another Wednesday with another list of pick up spots for the truckers at TSA Family Store. Only ten pick-ups but that’s not what I want to blog about. This morning Aurora and I did shouting prayers for PTB in the chapel. I really enjoyed it partially because I love to yell and shout and jump around but also because there was a group in the Kitchen (not far from the chapel) preparing lunch for the soup kitchen from the Universal Unitarian church. I don’t know a whole lot about the Unitarian church, but I do know that they’re not good for business. I love being an antagonist; that may or may not be a good thing. I didn’t get a chance to talk to any of them though because I had to go to the Family Store. I would have loved to just have a conversation with one of them. That’s all I really have to blog about today.

Has anyone seen Donald? I can’t find him anywhere.

My Apologies…


First day of VBS and more.

Who knew that after all the preparation done yesterday there could be so much more left to do. I thought someone was going to have a heart attack over some of the stuff that needed to be done. Our first day went great though. Everything easy wonderful, all the volunteers showed up all our supplies were where we needed them and he kids had a blast. I don’t think it could have gone better form my perspective. I also got to play a Shofarot which was like music to my ears. The best part (for me) was after VBS, after the fun and games, after the singing and playing, and after I had taken the kids home. I was taking Charlie home and he opened up to me like never before. I was so amazed. I asked him a simple question like when did you accept Christ so he change your life? and it opened up a myriad of other stuff. He was suddenly willing to share struggles in his life and problems he had been facing and I was able to share with him some of the insight I had and let him know that I shrewd some of his same struggles at some point in my life. It was wonderful. We talked about stuff I hadn’t even thought about before. He has applied to work at camp this summer because he needs a job and there short staffed. So pray that God’s will and not mine will be done in that situation. He’s also trying to get one of his brothers saved and to get a cousin of his to quit smoking. I love this guy. I’m very excited about spending more time with him. You got to respect one on one van time. Obviously that won’t be the only time I’m with him but I will do what I can with it. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord. No seriously praise the Lord…right now…as you’re reading this. Do it!!


I preached PRAISE GOD!!

I preached today. This was my first time ever preaching in a formal setting. The only other time I ever had to preach was at Harbo(u)r Light, and our two minutes of preaching and thirty seconds of prep with Steve-o. This went wonderfully though. I did have a bit of a glitch at first, because I figured me talking alone would be enough and I wouldn’t need a headset to the sound system. No one could hear me in the back. So I looked around the chapel a bit for a head set. I didn’t really know were they were and I made that apparent, so Danny brought me a Cordless microphone. Praise the Lord for Danny Larcombe. The Holy Spirit did an amazing job with me then. I was able to get my point across to everyone without stumbling over my words every few seconds and I didn’t try to be anyone but Travis. That’s good stuff. I didn’t end it the way I had planned it partially because I forgot but it went okay. I did a Forest Gump ending by saying “That’s all I got to say about that. I then did the always popular Michael Collins patented (actually Paul did it first) Ephesians 3:17-18 apostolic prayer (benediction) over everyone. I did get some good feedback from a few people in the congregation. According to John Giron there were a few times when I sounded like my Dad. WOW. How weird is that?? Not…weird at all…actually. It was a very good Sunday Service followed by VBS prep and then a nap.

That night I watched a show on the Discovery Channel called the Greatest American Ever. They went all over America getting people to vote for whom they thought should be the greatest American (Only in America would we vote for the greatest). Ronald Regan was number one, Abraham Lincoln was number two, Martin Luther King Jr. was number three, George Washington was number 4, and Benjamin Franklin was number 5. I was okay with the top five. What I wasn’t okay with was that Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Phil Brett Favre, Ellen Degeneress, and Michael Jackson made the list. What have they done to be great? Those places could have been saved for Davey Crocket, Daniel Boone, Norman Rockwell, Louis Armstrong (a.k.a. Sachmo), and Walt Whitman. Put people on who have actually made some contribution to the foundation of America or the arts, not people who tell over weight people how feel good about themselves or people who show that even when you have so much plastic surgery you should be on Planet of the Apes you can still be famous. It was absolutely absurd and ridiculous that those people were even nominated. I would have pitched a fit if either of them had won. Just them being on there was obscene and so degrading to me.


Man, today was…oh, how to describe it…disappointing…very disappointing. I awoke at 9:00 to the sound of a phone. It was Aurora. Praise God for wake up calls (I was hoping to sleep till ten). I was going to meet them at a skate park and then go to Alswamooska (close enough) Lake. Unfortunately Chris also wanted to go to a different lake with some of his friends. So I decided, being a man with an impeccable sense of direction (if pigs and cows are flying and monkeys are eating Oreos 24-7), that I would take Chris and his friends to Branch Lake and then find my way to Lake Aswallowamooseka. It would be no problem. Unless the directions I got were wrong. Charlie is a great guy but when giving directions road name help so much. I had no problem getting on to SR 15 finding the road to turn to get to Lake Asquashaducka I was in the dark. I had to find a road that started out paved and then turned into a dirt road, and it’s right after a fish factory (also odd) sign. It also would have been helpful to know that I had to get on to SR 1 rather than stay on fifteen. Needless to say I never made it. I drove up and down Sr 15 foe forty-five minutes looking for a sign for a fish factory, or a sign that pointed me to Lake Aswapatoungeka. After Charlie, Ashley (Charlie’s wife or close to it) and, Aurora were done having the time of there life at Lake Aswatabugka. They called me asking if I would want to go to there house to see a movie and just hang out. Of course I would love to. So we rented Life Aquatic. None of us had seen it, but it had Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, and Owen Wilson. It’s an all-star cast it has to be funny. No there's a good reason none of the people reading my blog have ever heard of that movie, absolutely terrible. I only remember laughing once in the entire movie and I usually laugh easily. This was stupid. I think they tried to be funny it just didn’t work at all. I don’t know why they thought it would be a good idea to do the movie. It bombed. I was very disappointed. Never see the movie Life Aquatic it is disappointment in a box. That was my disappointing day. I preach tomorrow though Praise the Lord!!


Screen printing

Tonight was my first night I have ever Screen Printed. I never new Screen Printing was so boring. Whenever Nicole or Charlie talked about Screen Printing stuff it sounded like fun. It wasn’t!! Nicole and I had to screen print all these little symbols on bandanas for VBS. It was so boring. Maybe if I was doing something I actually liked and it wasn’t the same thing over and over again it might be fun. It took up almost all of Powerhouse though so I didn’t get to do much else. I finally finished writing my sermon for Sunday. I just have to run through it once or twice or three times, so I don’t stumble over my words and also so I l know I can read my own notes. That would be terrible if I was standing in front of everyone and I couldn’t read my own writing. It would be hilarious but not a goods thing to get the point across.

I think God has decided to use some quotes that I like form movies on me now. While I was Screen Printing I got some of the paint on my Hard Rock Yokohama, Japan shirt (that is so not cool beans). A shirt from a place I probably will never go. I went home to wash it out but no luck I haven’t dried it yet it’s just sitting in the Laundry room wet. I’m still trying to salvage it. But after the first time scrub I heard God quoting Yoda’s line from Star Wars Rvenge of the Sith“Let go of everything you are afraid to lose.” Why a shirt though that’s so random but then again it is one of my favorite shirts. Maybe he’s going to build up to something bigger for me to lose. I’m scared to wear any of my other Hard Rock shirts now. Actually I can’t think of much else I have hear that I don’t want to lose. Actually yes I do…I have three things actually: my guitar, my cornet and my cd’s. STINK!! None of that stuff is ever leaving the house. I am going to bed because I get to sleep in tomorrow. Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm walking (USO) Fun stuff.

I went for a walk earlier today. It was in this old Bo marc Industrial Park area place. I was driving past it and God told me to turn the car around and go for a walk, so I did. While I was walking I started looking at this red and white checkered water tower and the radio Antenna next to it. I looked in the opposite direction and I could see the mountains. I noticed the tallest mountain in that chain lined up almost exactly with the water tower and there was an antenna on it. A thought then came back to me. A few years ago the Florida Divisional Band and Divisional Youth Band took a trip to Mexico City on our last day we went to these old ancient Inca pyramids. The two tallest ones were called the pyramid of the sun and the pyramid of the moon. When our DMD (Jim Cheyene) went to the top of the moon pyramid he looked around and wondered why the pyramids were built the way they were. There was nothing symmetrical and no visible order to them. He figured there was a reason for it though (he was always thinking, smart guy). He then went to the top of the Pyramid of the sun and form that vantage point he could see that each of the pyramids by there placement and height lined up with the mountains in the back ground. Does anyone else think there could be a connection between the witchcraft in this area and that water tower being lined with the mountain, or am I just a little weird? I also felt a huge heaviness around the whole area like something was pushing me down right when I drove in there and started walking around. I also went over to the Seventh Silo (Witchcraft bookstore) bookstore and looked at the outside. I waited till I saw the last lady there leave. I waas very cover, under the radar. I think she saw me anyway; while she was loading up her car she looked right at me for a few seconds. I went up to the store after she left and looked at the advertisements in there display case thing. It was a bunch of stuff for people to get connected in the Spirit and get healed and all this weird crap. I felt like something was pushing me away from the store. Like something wasn't happy that I was there. So after a while I went back to my car, I rolled the windows down, and played the O.C. Supertones as loud as I could stand it. I felt fine after I left but there were house In that area I don’t know how those people could stand to live there. It’s not a good situation. I then almost went to see Batman Begins but God told me to finish my preach for Sunday so I did. Well…I didn’t really finish it but most of it’s done. I think it’s gonna be cool beans. I can’t wait…oh, no I lied…yeah I can wait.


Fun movie quotes

We are gearing up for VBS here in Bangor. It looks like it’s going to be a really great experience for the kids. It’s supposed to be set in the Jerusalem marketplace, and it seems like we’re going to turn them all into Jews (I'm not giving up hot dogs though). Everything we have to do is something related with the Jewish customs and practices, but Jesus was a Jew so it’s all good. I am also working on my speak/preach for Sunday. I’m ion full “hurry up and wait for more revelation” mode. I hate it when this happens, but actually I love it, but seriously I don’t. So I’m getting more and more every few minutes and it’s slowly coming together. I’m no longer having a panic attack over it every two minutes any more (only very three hours). I don’t know whey I stress so much about stuff like this if I bomb oh well, if I get all of Bangor saved that’s cool beans too. I don’t really remember much of the last few days except I was on the Truck at The Family Store and I wanted to throw some stuff out of a window form the second story. I saw “Kingdom of Heaven” on Tuesday. That was good stuff. Orlando bloom (he’s so hot) led an army in the crusades defending Jerusalem after the rest of the army was killed by the Muslim army. There was a quote that I really liked where Orlando bloom made all these guys knights and a priest said, “Do you think making a man a knight will make him a better fighter.” Orlando Bloom Said, “yes it will.” I don’t know exactly why I like the quote but I do. I know it shouldn’t make any difference what your rank is in the army fight as hard as you can. Maybe it’s the whole idea of when you have a rank or some type of title you want to uphold that and title. It’s something more to fight for. If anyone has any more insight it would be appreciated. Another good quote is “tell the truth always, even if it means your death.” Yet for your sake we face death all day long-Psalm 44:22. After he (Orlando Bloom) was defeated he went back home. He went back to being a blacksmith and later King Richard came looking for him to go back to Jerusalem and fight on another crusade. All he said was I am just a blacksmith –Humility. It was all good stuff. It doesn’t paint a very good picture of Christians but it did have some good points. Can someone please tell me when did I start to watch movies differently? I never watched movies to find preaching points in them. I’m probably going to be doing that for the rest of my life now. I used to quote stuff like “The sponges migrated a foot and a half” Bill Murray—Ghostbusters. Now I quote stuff like “Let go of everything you are afraid to loose” Yoda—“Star Wars Revenge of the Sith”. That’s so weird. It 's just one of the many side effects of a year at The War College.

I just had an epiphany. Since there's really no limit as to how many phase's you can do, couldn't we call The War College, The War University? Who's with me?!?! This reminds me of the time I wanted to in spell souldier with a u. Well, I never stopped. Ha ha ha ha.

Tara is back form New Jersey (when does New York and New Jersey stop being new?) so we’re united, strong, still pushing forward and still making progress like she never left.


It's Monday...Hallelujah!!!

I love Mondays. Not really. Not much happened today. We talked abpout VBS. I ate some Ice cream form this place called Giffords. Really good stuff. Ther was no Wasbi, Garlic, or Blasalmic flavored ice cream praise the Lord!! I am also stareesing over this ASunday becasue I have to preach. Iahve only preached once before and that was at Harbour Light before the meal Sunday night. That one I had in my head and worked in thar type of setting. It's Jesus or hell. That's my preach. I'm done.



Is it just me or does Sunday come really quick? I don’t know why but it seems like I was just at church yesterday. It was a really good service. Mary (out YPSM) did the speak today. It wasn’t about Fathers day though it was about Mary and Martha. Good stuff. My voice is also very raspy right now. Sometimes words won’t come out at all. I feel like I'm thirteen again. I stood in the middle of Hogan road yesterday yelling at cars for an hour and holding a sign so people would come to our pizza fest. It didn’t work to well. So I can’ talk well. It’s a good thing these blogs aren’t verbal. No one would recognize me.

So I had a revelation today. I just found out that Chris’ friend Gabby is not a dude. I thought this was some guy from his paint ball team. I pulled into the drive way to drop Chris off and when I saw her said to my self "she is definitely not a dude." I now know how Darren felt when he thought that the prostitute was hot and it was a guy, but not really. That was hilarious!! This actually just the opposite…isn’t it?
It was a bit of an uneventfull day, partially because I sat around the house thinking about cutting the grass, until I got to talk to Josh. That made the whole day better. Does anyone know if it is bad thing that my legs are still hurting form playing dodge ball? I don’t think pushing a fifteen passenger van out of the mud helped. The van is clean though hoo ray. Aurora did it. She’s on top of things like that. I also found out it is very hard to cut the grass after eight at night because it gets dark real quick. I think I probably missed some huge spots last night. Yes that’s right I’m doing yard work while the Burr’s are in Florida. I noticed something absolutely amazing a few days ago. I was watching Back to the Future part 3 and while they were unveiling the clock tower a band started playing a song. The song the band played was “I’ll Gird on the Armor”!!! How cool is that?? For those of you that are really confuse d it is the session song for the Martyrs. It’s very exciting.
In case ou guys haven't realized it my blog accepts anonymous comments now. You can leave anonymous comments and make fun of me and I won't know who it is...maybe this isn't a good idea.


Powerhouse and Bonfires Good combinations

Last night at Powerhouse I had a blast. I played Dodge ball almost the entire night. I love Dodge ball; it’s so fun. I was hitting people left and right then I was getting hit even more. There was a band that preformed; they were serious hardcore. I don’t think the lead singer actually sang or said any words I think he just yelled into the mic the whole time. I couldn’t hear any actual words in the songs though. Maybe he just forgot them all and was trying to cover it up…probably not. I didn’t stay to listen to the band very long because (partially because I couldn’t understand them) it was in a small room and it was killing my ears, but I could also hear them while I was in the gym…and any other part of the building. I love powerhouse.

Today we had a pizza fest. It was a fundraiser for the teen center (powerhouse). We had pizzas donated form four different (local) pizza chains and every one paid five dollars to try the pizza. There were games and cookies and some other stuff, but it was all about the pizza. After it was over Aurora, Charlie, (a guy from the corps) and I went over to Charlie Liu’s (guy who is in charge of Powerhouse) house. We had a bonfire, that took for ever to get started because the wood was wet (gasoline helps), we had smores and a Frisbee and two muddy dogs and lots and lots of fun. We sat around the fire and talked for hours until we decided, at ten o’clock, we should leave. So we jumped in the fifteen passenger van put it in reverse and hit the gas, we hit it again and again and again and realized we were stuck. The ground was so wet and saturated and soft that the two back wheels were just spinning and digging deeper into the mud. I went in and asked for some help so we got out some 2x4’s and tried to get them under the wheels, no luck, then we used an old skateboard deck, no luck. Finally we got some shovels and gravel and started to dig. We realize it was helping a little so we stuck the 2x4’s in (and the skateboard deck) and the four of us (Me, Charlie, Charlie, and Rickey) started pushing as hard as we could. That van was not easy to push. So with Aurora hitting the gas and our pushing, the van finally stared moving, and we stopped pushing and the van stopped moving, so we had to push even more to get it on solid ground so it would move by it self (there’s a sermon in that). It was a good form of authentic Christian community (except not all of them were Christians). I missed it and enjoyed it. So my pants are filthy it’s late and I’m tired so good night everybody.


Memory Lane and BIG REVELATION

I just got back from taking a tour of Bangor High School with two year alumni Jenn Burr. We (Jenn, Aurora, and I) walked through the halls as Jenn reminisced about the time she spent there, and things did and didn’t do. We also took a little walk through the back woods which is where the “smoker clique” would hang out before after and during school. She told us things that happened in different groups and the things that happened in different parts of the school. It brought back some memories for me too but I was able to hold back the tears. After our trip down memory lane we went to Starbucks (of course Starbucks) and we started talking about the idea of there being nothing to do in this city. Jenn brought up a very interesting point though first she said in a city like this the church should step up to get exciting stuff happening for people to do. I agree with that totally. Then she said, “In this city it’s hard to be without a group of friends that you would meet at like school and stuff, because there is nothing to do but when there is a group like the four of us (Me, Jenn, Aurora, and Tara) are together we can think of fun stuff to do.” I think that is one reason that community would be so vital here in Bangor. While we were at a conference (Aflame) at Camp Sebago Stephen pitched MMCCXX. It must have hit Doug like a ton of bricks because he’s all over trying to get Bangor in on the deal. At first I was having a tough time seeing how we would get people out of there houses and into a community but now I realize that we will get then to realize they will have something to do rather than sit in front of a Television and watch other people having fun. It’s the perfect plan to get breakthrough. Someone give me some feed back on this I’m very excited right now…although it could be partially form this Starbucks coffee I have right now. I am so on fire ready to get going. It’s good thing powerhouse is tonight or else I would have no outlet for this energy….who am I kidding I always find an outlet for it. Look out Powerhouse T-SCRIGGITY on his way!!!

Four o'clock ain't so bad.

Waking up at 4:00 am wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I was very confused though, and I wasn’t totally alert until about ten minuts into our drive to the airport. Doug did that part of the driving which was probaly a good idea considering I could have plowed into a bus and not realized it. I hope I didn’t on the way back. I did hear a loud bag and the Mini-van does look smaller. I should proably go watch the news.

At about 6:00(pm) I went to the Bangor mall to do some mall evangilisim with Aurora and John Giron. I walked around the mall for about fifteen minutes unitlI realized I had passed John twice before. It was weird being with him though; (In a good way) I felt like I was back in Florida. It was nice but I had to tell my self a couple of times I was in Maine and it was cold outside. It wasn’t cold, but it definetly wasn’t Florida weather

I also don’t think Bangor has very many police officers. I’ve only seen a few since I’ve been here including the one that pulled me over. It could mean that th Holy Spirit and I will have easier time geeting them all saved or we’re going to have a hard time finding them. We will get them. Oh yes, they will be his. I’ve crossed all the t’s and dotted all the…lower case j’s. I’m like in a Waynes World mood right now. Let’s have a Scooby-Doo ending.

(mask is pulled off) “It’s actually Satan”

I would have suceeded if it wasn’t for these meddling War College students.

I like it.


It's been a while

Sorry I haven’t blogged (blobbed as Jaime Riefer would say) in a few days. It seems like forever. We’re really being run till there’s nothing left in us here in Bangor. Not really but I said it so Stephen court will think it’s really hard. Wait…he’s probably still reading this. AGGGHHHH!! I really got to think through these plans much better than what I have been. Anyway since I haven’t blogged for a while this might be a long one so those of you who don’t like reading long blogs read of part of it know and part of it later. So it will seem like two short blogs. There’s no condemnation. These past few days I have talked to people two people (IM’s) who I haven’t talked to in a long time one of whom is a Holy Terror. It’s a great thing when you talk to people that you haven’t seen in a long time. I love it. (End now if you like short blogs). On Tuesday we had our young adult cell again it was good times. It was a little unorganized but we still had some good discussions and got some really good insight on stuff. The three guys we met last week (Cory, Darren, and Chris) didn’t show up. I was disappointed I really thought they would be there. Maybe they will eventually. I think Chris Burr (like me) has the spiritual gift of procrastination (I break that off in Jesus name). He has post-poned our discipleship session three times this week. I think I might have to tie him down sooner or later and make him listen. Not really I’ll just rebuke him back into a chair and start if he tries to leave again. It’s cool beans hanging out with him. I can’t think of anything I’d like to do more. That may have been a lie. I have to think about that one. Does anyone know why the computers spell check doesn’t recognize it’s as a word? Every time I use the computer says I’m wrong. It is a word right? Some one make sure Xander is reading this he’s the grammar guy. He's always accenting the I in Florida. Who does that really? (End, again, now if you like short blogs). Doug and Debbie are leaving…again. They just got back form Hershey Pennsylvania on Tuesday and there leaving tomorrow morning (Thursday morning). There plane leaves at 5:00am. Guess who has to dirve them to the airport at 4:00am. IT’S MEEEE!! Praise the Lord for 2 to 5 War Room Shifts to get me ready for this. It’s going to be grueling but I think I can make it (It’s only a fifteen minute drive). Tara is also gone. She went to New Jersey for a week, to visit some friends. So it’s Aurora and Jenn and I…here…continuing our work…taking charge……does that seem really unexciting to anyone else?? I’ve been informed by Doug that I will be partially in charge of the Youth Programs this summer, along with the Youth Pastor and YPSM. I get to do VBS. I haven’t helped with a VBS program since I was twelve. It shouldn’t be too difficult, except remembering everyone’s name. I always have a hard time with that. I did fine memorizing names at camp, but that was only fifteen kids usually. This is going to be between twenty and thirty kids. I need a bigger brain. My list of guys I am going to disciple has grown from three to five. So I should have full (sixty hour) schedule by now (stev-o should like that). I’m supposed to preach in two weeks, start praying now for me. Maybe I’ll just tell jokes and make everyone laugh. Actually, I tried that the first week and it didn’t work. When I was being introduced I told a joke and no one understood it. That may just mean there aren’t a lot of John Mellencamp fans here. Well, I think I’ve definitely gone form updating to rambling so I should probably end this now. (End this, again, now if you like short blogs)


Sunday!! Sunady!!! Sunday!!!

Sunday is always an interesting day. This was the first time I heard Tara preach. Apparently the smile on my face wasn’t exactly what she was looking for in the audience. I guess she was hoping to see more of a convicted look. That’s my bad. I’ll try harder next time. It was a very good preach. William Booth would be proud I think. "Stop looking for religion and start forming a relationship". I hope I quoted that right. A much needed message this day and age. No one was rushing to the mercy seat when she finished but, you can’t always measure effectiveness by the number of converts. Sometimes the change that happens on the inside takes time in order to appear on the outside. I thought it was good stuff and cool beans all at once.

I came home (I am now calling the Burr’s house my home) took a nap and watched the last few minutes of Arena Bowl XIX. The Colorado Crush beat the Georgia G-force with a field goal in the last three seconds 38-41. I enjoyed it.

Then Sunday night Bible study. I hadn’t been to it previously, but I decided tonight would be a good night to attend. I think the intention was to finish Luke chapter 22 and get through part of chapter 23. We started on verse 39. We only got through fourteen verses (schedule subject to change by Holy Spirit). Rather than length we went for depth. We dug into parts rather than just skim the surface a dig a bit here and there. We asked questions and searched for answers. It was really nice. We talked the disciples falling asleep, Judas and his betrayal, Peter whipping out his sword, and then his denial, later. I think it was a little more than what most of them are used to. I really enjoyed it. I also got some bloggable quotes. Only two:

1) Judas was a church goer but he wasn’t a Christian—Gene. What a guy he led the study. smart man. I think I need to get some one on one time with him. See what else he’s got stored up in that head.
2) God has OCD when it comes to love—Tara. I think most of you know her. She’s cool beans.

I think I may need to use those sooner or later, probably later rather than sooner.

Never Liked cats

I’ve never really liked cats a whole lot. Winfield (the burr’s cat) isn’t helping the situation. I don’t mind feeding him in the morning or at night. I’m also not opposed to cleaning out his litter box, though I could think of twenty different things I’d rather do. I also don’t mind it when he cries for food, but when the cry for food comes at 6:00am; I have a problem, especially when that 6:00am is on a Saturday. No one should need to get up at six in the morning on a Saturday especially not to feed a cat. If I could ignore him I would, but I really think he’s trying to talk. I think he’s getting out the words now and here. While he’s trying to talk it is the loudest and most annoying thing I have ever heard in my entire life. He can’t wait three more hours till I’m actually willing to wake up and not think about shaving him and shipping him to Egypt. Even if it was at seven I would be happy but not at six. Normally after he’s been you would think he would be quiet, but the excitement lingers. After he eats he continues to try to speak. I don’t know what he could possibly want; he’s doing it right now. I think he’s actually trying to say mom. I don’t know what he could want I fed him already. How funny would it be to hear that the mailman admitted himself into a psych ward because he thought a package was talking to him? Ha ha ha that would be hilarious. It makes me want to do it even more. Not really, but seriously I could. Things change though. Maybe I'll eventually learn to love Winfield. This could be the beggining of a beautiful relationship.

I also realized I don’t hear the phone ringing at one o’clock in the morning. I woke u p and there was a message ion the phone form the Bangor PD letting me know that two windows were left open at the corps. They eventually called the CSM and he took care of it, but I didn’t hear the phone at all I don’t think that’s a good thing. So if the corps was burning, I wouldn’t know about it until the seven o’clock morning news. That’s also not good. Hopefully, I won’t be home alone too often. I must get my beauty rest for church tomorrow. Good night.


Thunder and Lightning

I have been told that my entries the last few days have been a little long so this one will be short. I heard thunder for the first time in nine months today it was very exciting. Tara, Aurora, and I were sitting at Starbucks and we heard the thunder rolling across the sky. I got very excited. I can’t wait to se the lightning next. “His lightning lights up the world; the earth sees and trembles.” Psalm97:4. Maybe a little Heavenly lightning is what Vancouver needs. The next time anyone goes to Starbucks you should get a Mint Mocha Frappuccino. It is absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend it. I hope this is short enough for everyone.


Behold!!! I win, and hockey will be back

Behold! I’m about as high as a kite right now. My self-esteem is what I’m talking about. I just beat Chris Burr In a game of basketball, one on one. I won; I’m very excited; I don’t think this has ever happened to me before. I’m still trying to process it all. The man who has played since he was in fifth grade lost to the guy who has always tried to be almost, almost good since the fifth grade. This is a momentous occasion. I need to call ESPN or something. It’s the next big thing on Sportscenter. To celebrate this time, and just because it’s only me and Chris here, party at the Burrs house. Come on over Phil, get a twelve dollar Air Canada ticket over here and sleep on the plane. Rachel, get on a bus you can be here by tomorrow. I just realized how far away everyone really is. Isn’t that weird? I’m all the way over here and no one is within a one day (driving) trip of here. Oh well, everyone get on a plane train or automobile and get here party a tthe Burr's! woo hoo!!! Were gonna party like it’s 2005 because no one really likes 1999!!! I don’t care if you’re not laughing; it’s funny to me. It’s not really that great of a victory. He killed me the first game 11-4. Then we played to five. He shot left handed and he didn’t have any shoes on so I won 5-0, but it was a shut out. According to Stephen Court that, I think, deserves a milkshake. We should still have a party.

In other news, BEHOLD !! Hockey should/will be back next season. YEAH!! Who else is excited with me (every Canadian about eighteen Americans, okay). The NHL owners and agent have finally come to an agreement for a salary cap and a kuxury Tax. The biggest hurdle they faced is behind them. I'm glad they finally realized how much that was needed. I just wish this epiphany would ahve come sooner. Anyway, I will say that, The Tampa bay Lightning will to win it again. Lord Stanleys Cup will saty in Tampa. Nobody will stand in there way. Not the Hurricanes, Bruins, Devils, Canucks, Leafs, Blues, Redwings, or the Flames. The Stanley Cup will remain in Tampa Bay; I decree it in the Heavens. Actually even if they don't win it I love just watching them play. All the Canadian can settle down now and stop trying to act excited about curling. Ha ha ha ha. This has been a wonderful day. I win and I know hockey will be back next season. The only thing that would make this day any better is if I…uh…actually this day is perfect the way it is. BEHOLD a perfect day.


On the truck again and some divine appointments

It’s Wednesday again…all day (I hate it when that happens). Since it is Wednesday I was on the truck again for the TSA Family Store. I feel more and more like a redneck every day. Pretty soon I’ll be saying Hey y'all and yee-haw. I’ll also know all the words to every Charlie Daniels song. Woo Hoo I can’t wait.
Anyway, I never knew that people took the “Spring Cleaning” term so seriously. That’s what everyone is doing. They must have a late start at “Spring Cleaning”. Actually think it’s still Spring. Isn’t it?? I don’t know. I only know that when you have to postpone three stops on a schedule till next week because you don’t have enough room or time for every thing. That’s too much. When will this world stop seeking material possessions? Shut up Travis; you just bought a new pair of sun glasses because you lost the last pair IN YOUR HAIR! Seriously I can’t figure out where they are. That’s the only explanation I have for them being gone. Oh well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I had a lot of fun on the truck. It's always a new experience.

Tara and Aurora and Nicole and I started our first Young Adult Cell. We had ten people we need to multiply soon. Actually, there we’re only seven of us, but we were sitting at a park just talking about what we were going to be doing how this was going to look, and these three guys just came over and started talking with us: Corey, Darren, and Chris. Darren is from Tampa, Florida, and Corey’s dad is a minister at a Nazarene church in a little town just outside of Bangor. Yes, Bangor has towns smaller than it is. They asked us what we were doing and our names and if we were from Bangor. It was really awesome talking with them. We prayed for Darren and invited all of them to our cell/hang out session next week. Chris seemed really interested. I love divine appointments. Is anybody else with me on that?

I haven’t yet had a chance to talk to the police officer that I will be getting saved, but it will happen. I still got time. he will be mine...I mean Gods. I’m very excited about these next couple of weeks; I think we’ll really start moving in and help this corps gain some ground that the enemy has stolen. We’re gonna be on FIRE!!!! Pray for that yo.


Apology...agian...with other stuff

Hey guys how you doin? I must apologize for my stupid blog that I posted yesterday. I was not in the best of places spiritually last night and I think I that was reflected in that blog so I apologize to everyone who read it.

On a different note today was an odd day. I still felt like crap when I woke up, but that was gone after a bit of praying and some time resting in the Lord. Seriously I felt one hundred percent better. I also found out one of the teens here took my advice and changed his screen name from demon child blahh blah blah to Salvo Legion. That was my idea. I also had my first in depth disciple time today with Chris (Burr) that went really well. The book we are using I think stole some ideas from Stephen Court. It used part of a movie to get a spiritual aspect across to the reader. I had flash backs of “Walking Tall”, “The Day After Tomorrow”, and “The Incredibles” going through my head. I felt right at home. Doug, Aurora, and Tara, and I got into some deliverance ministry stuff today that was fun. I also did some prayer walking around the city and stumbled upon a Universal Unitarian church. For those of you who don’t know about the Unitarian cult, it’s not good for business. They also serve at the soup kitchen on occasion, which can’t be good. That’s something I’m going to have to pray about before I go attacking it, if I do at all
I met an interesting guy today at the soup kitchen. After talking to me for about five minutes he said, “Hey, are you one of those under cover Christians?” I told him I wasn’t under cover but I was a Christian; he just laughed; he said he could tell because I wasn’t eating (I had finished) and I hadn’t told him my name. Is that really something a lot of people do? Do we always forget to tell people our names when we start conversations? How weird is that? I thought it was just a “me” thing. Then he started talking about his god being older than our God (he was a first nations/native American) and His God defeated our God in some battle of the Gods 1,253 years ago. He knew what he was very lucid when I talked to him he wasn’t drunk like a lot of the guys are in Vancouver when they go on with stuff like that. It was like this was something he was thought in school or by his family; definitely not good at all. But I think I can work on him. I’ve noticed that false religions are running rampant here in Bangor. Something we need to pray through to get some breakthrough. You’re prayers would be greatly appreciated in that area. Well, now that I have a book written I guess I should let everyone get back to fighting there own individual battles. I doin a Stephen Court move now!

Travis R.



Has anyone heard the song by Relient K and John Rueben “Nuisance”? I love that song. That has got to be one of the best songs of all time. Seriously that is awesome. If anyone doesn’t like that song I might have to…uh…I’ll think of something (stink, now I have to think again). I just realized I have nothing else to talk about. So…how’s everyone doing? Anyone feeling defeated in any area of there life? No? Good…okay I’m done. I seriously can’t think of anything else to say. I could just ramble on a waste everyone’s time while you read this. That’s always fun. But is it nice? Hmmm I don’t think so. So does anyone but me think Detroit is going to win the series tonight? I think Ben Wallace is just too much. Okay I[m done wasting evryones timw with this blog. But remember Relient K and John Rueben “Nuisance” An amazing song. Trust me.



The weekend of Aflame:

It’s not about the bush it’s about the fire
It’s not about Moses it’s about the mission
It’s not about the moment it’s about the mission
--All these are quotes are from Danielle

Aflame was a wonderful experience. I got to spend another weekend in beautiful camp Sebago. It was brighter this time than last time. It didn’t rain at all. It was great to see Jenn, Stephen and Danielle again. I really enjoyed hearing them speak rather than just teach. It was a more informal setting than most conferences, but that could have been because there we only about forty people there.

Sunday was all about the presence of the Lord (that’s where those quotes came from). The key to world conquest, getting all the tools to save the world, converting Mormon, Muslims, Jews, and JW to Christ by staying in his presence. We get everything we need to do this form God and we understand his plan and strategy by Staying in his presence. I just thought I would pass on these words of wisdom from Danielle to everyone who reads my blog.

I also spent some time swimming in Sebago Lake. That is the coldest lake I have ever been in. It was 51 degrees (approximately 10 Celsius). I really enjoyed it. So did Danielle, Aurora, and Tara (Jenn and Olivia were really the only intelligent ones, they stayed dry). The lake was cold enough to knock the warm Floridian spirit right out of me…for a time. I seriously was borderline manifesting for the first thirty seconds I was in there. It was stupid cold, but I did enjoy it. Come to think of it after I got out I felt very refreshed…and cold. O also decide that I wouldn’t wear shoes at all on Saturday. So I didn’t, except in the dinning room, because apparently health people would have a conniption fit if I didn’t wear shoes. It’s a sate law. No shirt, no shoes, no service. Does that mean I can not wear pants and still get service? I should try…or not. I think that's about it as far as aflame goes.

It’s not about our flame it’s about spreading it. –Mine

The War College
It’s not about the college it’s about the War.
It’s not about the training it’s about using it. –Also mine



I'm not actually experiencing solitude; I'm actually just all alone right now, but I'm okay with alone time. Deb and Doug have gone to pick up Jenn, and Chris is at a friend's house. So it's me and Winfield (the cat)...who I should probably feed soon. Anyway, I'm all alone there's nobody here beside me...anyone remember that song from Shrek. Donkey sang it when Shrek through him outside. I feel like singing it right now, but it wouldn't be funny at all, because no one is here to hear me except Winfield and he doesn't like my jokes anyway. So, I need a way to entertain my self right now. I'm usually pretty good at that...so...uh...I'm gonna...uh...umm. I'm gonna go eat. See ya.


Three is better than two, and more fun

I was on the truck at the Family Store again today. That was exciting. If I have to move one more couch with a bed in it up stairs I’m may loose it and go postal. Who ever invented those things should be hit really, really hard…on the knee. I hate moving those things. They’re ridiculously heavy. Usually there are three of us in the truck. Ted didn’t show up today until about 4:00 when everything was done. Now Laura and I did fine on our own; she’s strong…she’s a tank, but three people would have made it so much easier and much more interesting. There was at ton of pickups that needed t be done today. Four couches. Did every in Bangor but us get the memo that it’s time to move. There are a lot of people moving. When that happens they need The Salvation Army to come pick up their stuff that they don’t want or need anymore. Why would anyone buy a cast iron wood burning stove? Seriously who does that? Who needs one of those? Who says to them selves, “I have eight hundred dollars to spend I think I’m going to buy myself a huge wood burning stove and stick it in my garage where it will never be used. Oh, I’m moving I better Call The Salvation Army to come pick it up for me because I don’t want to carry it around with me; it’s way to heavy, and I never use it, so they can have it.” Does anyone know how heavy those things are? They are not light. Another thing, why would someone decide to move out of a house they have lived in for the past twenty-nine years, and into a house of equal size in the same city but still get rid of half of the stuff in your first house? These people are strange. I don’t know what they’re thinking. I actually just have nothing else to talk about today so I decide to talk about things that confuse me. I’m done.