What Brian Wilson is alive???

Aurora and I just got done watching the lighting of the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. They made an announcement before hand that would be performing, these include: The Brian Setzer Orchestra, Rod Stewart, Sheryl Crow and Brian Wilson…I thought Brian Wilson was dead. I distinctly remember someone telling me he dies from a heart attack a number of years ago at like age 48. Apparently he’s not dead, unless he was resurrected to play in New York for the lighting of the Christmas tree; it could happen, but I doubt it. He didn’t really look old either. So it may be a while before he kicks the bucket…I wonder how many more people may be alive that I think are dead…JFK…hmmm? Besides just being confused by a lively Brian Wilson I was very pleased with the songs that were sung. For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the news there is a huge dispute about the words …one nation under God… in our pledge of Allegiance, copies of the Ten Commandments have been taken out of our court rooms and someone recently tried to get an engraving of “In God We Trust” taken off a Federal Building in Washington D.C. For the past few years people have been trying to keep God in Church and out of everyday life and it’s sickening. It makes me absolutely furious when I hear about someone trying to take God out of something else. Well, at The Lighting of the Christmas tree (remember that’s what this is all about) a few of the songs that were sung included Silent Night, O Little Town of Bethlehem, and Joy to the World. It wasn’t frosty the Snowman or Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer for a good part of it Christ was kept in the performance. Praise YHWH that neither God nor Christ will ever be taken out of Christmas. Christ’s birth and life always has been, and always should be recognized and celebrated during Christmas.


Moving on up, to the east side...

Well, moving is true enough. I can never seem to stay in one spot. I don’t have a twitch, but I am moving again. All my life being a salvo’s son I had to move. All through Florida then up to Arkansas and Oklahoma and back to Florida again. Then I go to TWC. I get to room 705 then I need to move to room 406 then after Christmas I head to room 108 then to room 402 and then I head out to Bangor I have the opportunity to stay in one room for more than three months I go back to Vancouver and I’m in room 402 then I need to move down the hall to room 406. Then I move back to Bangor. It never ends. I’m in a house right now and enjoying getting stuff moved in but I need to move to the front apartment because me living there by myself isn’t cost effective. Then in April I will be moving to Charlotte. Maybe I can find some consistency in living arrangements in North Carolina. I now know how the Nomads felt; I wonder how they got used to it. One thing I know for sure is I’m very good at moving know. I can pack up any truck and move furniture through any door. I wonder if that’s a spiritual gift?? Maybe I am destined to live a life of constant changing locations. Hmmm…


Happy Turkey Day

It’s still snowing!!!!
Okay, I get to blog today. Happy Thanksgiving unless you're Canadian and already had your turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and the stuff thats there, but you don't know what it is, but you eat it anyway because it's thanksgiving, and corn and rolls cranberry sauce and pie and more turkey and more pie and...I'm hungry. I’m done.


ITS SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those were the two words I yelled when I opened and quickly slammed shut my front door this morning. It was (and still is snowing). I wanted to stay in my house, but I had to venture out in the snow to get to the Family Store to make a little money. Yesterday it was raining; the temperature dropped about eighty degrees, and the rain changed to snow, lots and lots of snow. So I put in my time at The Family Store and went to my next job. Yes I have another job. I work at McDonalds. It’s not the greatest job in the world, but with this job I can make enough money to pay rent, buy food, tithe, use for ministry purposes, and have a few bucks left over for cheez it’s and ice breakers. My first day is Friday a few prayers would be appreciated. Apparently I wasn’t the only person there who took McDonalds as a last resort job. Two of the other guys said they couldn’t find work anywhere else either. I’m hoping to eventually find another job in the next month or two. I have two prospects that look very promising. Hey does anyone remember my presentation on “on the job ministry”? 614 McDonalds!! Sounds like cool beans. Anyway, I got trained up and a uniform at my orientation, and I go in for my first day on the 25th of November, also known as black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. So everyone will be doing there shopping and eating fast food and I’m going to be thrown into training that day. Sounds like fun. I will be trudging through the snow to continue the decimation of hundreds of livers and kidney’s and getting paid for it. That’s exactly what happened to the guy in “Super Size Me”. So the snow is covering the ground now and still falling and I got to get home. I’ll blog again when I’m thawed out, and if I don’t get to you tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving.


Prayer Power needed

I just got finished with a very interesting cell. It was a time with all of us getting to know each other. I don’t understand how that one aspect can be so easily overlooked. We’ve been having a cell meet every week for the past three months and we are just now getting to know about each other. I hate that. For the past three months we’ve been together and haven’t been digging into each other lives (in a good way). Aurora and I know each other really well but I realized I know only a few things about Alberta and slightly more about Nicole. Please pray we experience authentic Christian community. I also would like for everyone to pray for a job for me and Aurora. I have been looking and applying but I don’t have any bites. This past Sunday the Corps prayed for the two of us and I figured if I could also get everyone else who reads my blog to pray for favor and a job then the managers would have no choice but to hire me. The power of prayer would compel them to say YOU’RE HIRED!!!!! I’ve also realized that one of my main tasks while I ‘m here is to plow the ground. The soil is very rough here and I believe one of my tasks is to break up that hard ground to be soil that can be worked with. So that the seeds that are planted here will not be snatched away or choked out by this world but that it will grow and be firmly planted with deep roots with just the right conditions. It is very tiring. I have noticed that at the end of the day I always feel very tired especially if there has been a lot of warfare and having worries of a job isn’t helping the situation at all. Please pray that I have more energy (who would think that I would need that) and perseverance. Getting into a rut here is very easy and I can’t always recognize it when I do so also pray that I have eyes to see. I just want to end by saying “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”


Saturday's with friends are always better

My Saturday was originally going to consist of me spending some time at the Corps watching football and eating Cheez It’s. I know it doesn’t sound exciting but I can watch football all day and not get bored with it and the Cheez It’s can make awesome situations even better. While I was on the last leg of my thirty minute journey I was met by Aurora and Alberta. They we’re on there way to visit me. They asked me if I wanted to go to Starbucks and I couldn’t resist a Satrbucks offer, besides the game I was waiting for didn’t start until 7:30. We spent most of the Afternoon at Starbucks. We had originally gone in to get some coffee and go but we saw a Now Hiring Sign and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity, so all three of us filled out an application (which took an unusually long time). The three of us then headed to the mall. It’s a very bad place to go when you’re low on cash and have debit card, but I practiced self-control (fruit). We took a walk around the mall looking at random neat stuff that we didn’t need much less could afford to have. We then headed off. We decided to make a quick stop at Blockbuster to see if there were any good movies out that we wanted to see, and then went to the Burr’s house (they were gone for the weekend) for dinner. After dinner I was busy checking football scores and eating Cheez It’s while trying to guard them so Aurora and Alberta wouldn’t steal them. Yes they tried to. It says on the box in big letters GET YOU OWN BOX! After they were securely stashed away we watched the movie we rented. I was able to get “Sahara”. An awesome movie about these three people looking for a WWII relic and they stumble onto this plot to destroy the world and the three of them have to save the world before it’s too late. It had all the markings of a great movie and it was. Aurora and Alberta got "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”. Yes I watched it. I was less than impressed basically these pants make these four girls have wonderful lives. These pants which amazingly fit all four of them and make all of them look good has some magic to make everyday they wear them an absolutely wonderful day. It was a cool beans day.


Job Hunting Fun Fun Fun

Shhhh…be vewy vewy quiet I’m hunting jobs hahahahhahaha (add the tremor). but seriously I don't like it at all. I don’t remember job searching being this hard…oh wait…I lied, yes, I remember it being this hard. I do know that in St. Augustine there were a lot more places where I could apply and have a good chance of being hired. Here it’s not so easy. Every store is taking applications but not all of them are hiring. Having a van to use today made it a little easier to get around to all the places. I put in three applications, and I have two that I will be filling out tonight and getting them to the stores tomorrow. Please pray for lots and lots of favor. I really need a job because my rent went up to $400 a month and my money in St. Augustine is dwindling fast. If I can’t pay the money then Chaz can’t pay his bills and has to give the apartment to his mother who would definitely kick me out of the house if I couldn’t pay and if I have no house and no money then I have no ministry. I also need help in one other thing. I have an assignment o find another instance in the Bible where someone was transported to another area (beside Acts). I almost positive it happened somewhere else but I can’t seem to find it. If anyone knows where it is can you please help me out, and if I just imagined it tell me as well. In other news PTB started again today. I had been planning on doing it but other things were getting in the way like apathy and sleep. Please pray that I overcome those obstacles and that they don’t hinder my ministry. Does anybody remember a guy named Jonathan Berkshire? Some people may remember him better by the name Jono. Is he still around? He doesn’t return my E-mails or update his blog whatever happened to that guy? I'm almost positive I miss hearing from him. Blessings to you all in Jesus name.