Sleep is overrated

I decide it’s a good time to blog considering it’s been over three weeks. This is a quick note to the two people leaving me a comment telling me to suck it up: It must be nice having a car to ride around in when it’s snowing. Besides I wasn’t even complaining I was just trying to be funny and I think I did an amazingly good job. Of course you two wouldn’t know funny if it side swiped while you were driving IN YOUR CAR!!!

The last few weeks have been interesting. I’ve been watching the Olympics which are always fun, working lots of hours and smelling like lots of grease, and plowing lots of ground and seeing lots of breakthrough. Last Sunday night we had a Teen Group sleepover. Aurora and I had a great idea to do a sleepover at the corps. So we did and it was fun. All of the guys had great dreams of playing Halo 2 until 5:00am and then going home and sleeping but it never happened. No one really mentioned Halo2 the entire night. There were a couple other PS2 games happening but no Halo. Aurora had a few things planned which put Halo out of the guys minds for a few hours but it never resurfaced. I was very surprised. The pudding drop/fight started it. We had two people lay on the ground and someone else stood on a chair and drop pudding into the person’s mouth on the ground. As you can guess it got ridiculously messy and Aurora decided to try to put a little bit f pudding on someone else’s face and then the trouble started. Everyone was fair game. Pudding was on everyone’s hand and they were going for the face. Chris Burr and I were the only ones who escaped but I decide to go to a different place to get away and I got caught…my hair and hoodie may never smell the same again. Then we did hide and seek and Sardine’s in the dark for about three more hours, that was tons of fun. Some games we never grow out of. Every guy talked about drawing on the face of the first person who fell asleep, but they were all talk. No Sharpies appeared at any point in the night. I thought about it a couple times but I figured they would remember and this probably won’t be the last sleepover before I leave. Near the end of the night we had decide to entertain ourselves by watching The Olympic ice dancing competition. Rather than watch it I enjoyed laughing at the costumes. Some of them looked absolutely ridiculous. One girl looked like she had the top part of a cake scraped off and put on her as a dress. It was all flowery and bright like a wedding cake. I guess some things seem funnier at three in the morning. It was all down hill after that. Even though we inhaled an immense amount of soda, chips, ice cream, pudding and other not healthy stuff we consumed, eventually we all fell asleep (even if it was only for a few hours) and woke up to the infamous three minute outgoing message on the Bangor Corps answering machine. Although I was wrecked during my whole six hour shift at McDonalds on Monday I think it was worth it. More sleepovers still to come.


You might live in Maine if...

I have noticed that there are number of things that I have seen happen here in Bangor that I believe only happen in Maine, and i have decide to tell you about it all. Most of this has to do with winter because I’m still really cold.

You might live in Bangor, Maine if…
…you need to scrape the ice off the inside of your car windows as well as the outside.
…at twelve degrees with three inches of snow everyone says hey this is a mild winter.
…there are seven foot tall snow drifts in every store parking lot.
…your teeth feel cold after being outside for only a few seconds.
…the number of cars on the road doesn’t change when it’s a bright clear day and when there’s a foot of snow on the ground.
…when people talk you here an h sound where there should be an r.
…Canadians travel back north to a warmer climate.
…you find a pale pasty white Floridian.
…part of the daily news segment tells you how the snow on the mountain is for skiers.
…you would rather deal with a hurricane than this weather.

Ba ha ha ha…Jeff Foxworhty ain’t got nothin in me.


Super Bowl Sunday!!!!

Okay so I was wrong in my Super Bowl score prediction but that’s okay because I was right about the winner and that’s all that matters. First of all Sunday morning was great we had a guest speaker by the name of Rob Bell. Doug pulls this guy out to do the sermon sometimes. He talked about discipleship. In biblical times it was a compliment if some one said to you “may you be covered in the dust of your Rabbi”. A disciple follows every move and does everything the same way his Rabbi does so he can be just as good as or even better than his rabbi. Maybe that’s what Sting is talking about in the song “I’ll be Watching You”…probably not. I wonder how many people watch the way our Spiritual leaders do things. How can we ever try to be as good as (or better than) them if we don’t follow the lead that they give. Almost everyone looks up to some one and if we follow the lead of that person eventually it’s going to end up showing that we’re following Jesus and that is what we need to strive for isn’t it? Aren’t we supposed to try to be like Jesus?

After the Sunday morning worship we went hom and then camp back of the mother of all Sports event…SUPER BOWL XL!!!!! Woo Hoo. I supplied every one with cheez-its and Doug and Deb did the rest. We had a three foot long Subway sandwich, tortilla chips with salsa, cookies, Pepsi and a number of other food stuff we didn’t really didn’t need but we ate anyway because it was there. I swung my terrible towel and I rooted for Pittsburgh, and I laughed at commercials and I laughed at Nick and the comments he made and I had fun. It was cool beans.

Just in case anyone hasn't heard yet
Final Score: Seattle 10
Pittsburgh 21


Super Bowl XL prediction

Just for the record: this is the first bolg that I out up that thas anything to do wiht football. I think that's a great accomplishment for me. As I've been saying for the past two weeks the Steelers will beat the Seahawks. No it's not a wrod form the Lord I asked him and he told me to guess.

Steelers 31
Seahawks 24


Will & Grace

It’s been a long time since Sunday, (almost a week) but I am finally blogging about what was said that day by Aurora Borealis (Atell). I would have done this earlier, but I decided to wait a few days rather than blog Sunday night. By Tuesday evening everything was just a faint memory. Luckily for me and all my faithful blog readers (however few they may be) Major Doug Burr is a genius. It’s taking every bit of energy I have not to hit the backspace button. He records every sermon so I listened to it today as a refresher course. Aurora was on the program to deliver a sermon to us and she did very well. It was all about Will& Grace. Before you ask the answer is No (maybe) she doesn’t watch too much TV. Our God id a god of grace not will. When Jonah finally got the idea that he can’t run from God, after being inside a nasty fish for a few days, he went to Nineveh and they repented and God had Grace. When the Israelites attacked Jericho (as God had instructed) there was grace for Rahab and her family because they helped the Israelite spies. She was guilty of Espionage and was spared. So does that mean she was like the first James Bond?? God is not a GO of Will which is stagnant and never changing he doesn’t have keep everything the same and never change. He is a God of Grace and a God of love. Hallelujah.