Star Wars....Your Thoughts?

I just ended an unusually tiring day with a movie. I think I need to get a little sunshine to get my energy up. Doug and Aurora and I went to see “Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith”…again. This time I wasn’t so caught up in the movie itself and what happens to everybody; I was able to focus on other aspects. It looks like George Lucas made a perfect portrayal of how some truth mixed with a myriad of lies can turn a persons entire point of view. It also shows how the enemy uses times of confusion and creates confusion itself to its advantage. For example (who didn’t see this coming): When Mace Windu (Samuel L. Jackson) is fighting the Emperor one of the first things the Emperor does is he breaks a window. There’s wind blowing and stuff being sucked out and it’s also affecting Mace and the Emperor fighting creating all kinds of confusion, but Mace is able to stay focused on defeating the Emperor rather than become distracted. Then Anakin comes in and sees what is happening and because he is filled with lies he stops Mace from killing the Emperor. Mace dies, (which made me very, very unhappy by the way!!) and there is so much confusion in his mind that he doesn’t realize what is happening. That is when the Emperor makes his final move to turn him to the dark side. That is a perfect portrayal of how the enemy will try to move us from the path of righteousness to a path that leads to emptiness. Every bit of truth that Yoda gave to Anakin the Emperor gave him a lie.
Yoda said, “Train yourself, you must, to let go of that which you are afraid to loose.”
The Emperor said, “I can teach you to save that which you don’t want to loose.”
Yoda Said, “don’t give into fear it is the path to the darks side.”
The Emperor said, “Use your anger (which comes from fear) it will only make you stronger.”

George Lucas is either a very smart man/Christian or I have way too much time on my hands. I’d like to think of George Lucas as a Christian though.
James 4:7 “…Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
Hebrews 4:12 “ The word of God is living and active; sharper than any double edged sword, piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, joint and marrow; it judges the thought and intentions of the heart.”In the New George Lucas Version devil is translated to Emperor, and sword is a Light Saber.


Memorial Day Blog

Memorial Day: a moment of silence for the men and women who have died serving our country and cause.

(About half a minute)

Since today is a day off (yeah…our schedule is still pretty relaxed here, not really) we took a trip to this beautiful city called Bar Harbor. We went up to the peak of Cadillac Mountain. You could see everything form up there. Nothing but fog for miles and miles and miles; I couldn’t see a thing. I’m sure everything looks just as wonderful as it does on the postcards though. We walked around a wet Maine version of Gastown. But the mountains here are closer. I did get a picture of a really nice boat. Apparently they have wonderful Lobster. They had a lot of funny T-shirts that mentioned moose and lobster. No I didn’t buy any. We had fun though walking around looking into random shops around the city and drooling inside a fudge shop (thanks Tara). We also got to see Nick Hutchinson (Death and Glory student) he was working in one of the tourist stores there. After that we left to a secluded area to talk (a mini van) and fed on manna from heaven (Dunkin Dounuts). It was all good stuff.
We actually had a discussion about old Salvation Army styles of ministry and the way worship has been changing and the way it is perceived and received by younger and older generations. We discussed bringing in new Praise and Worship songs with the guitar and drums but still doing a few old hymns for the older senior souldiers and still being able to worship and meet God through both. It was great to get the view of seasoned officers who grew up in a traditional setting but are still moving with the times as far as worship in the service is concerned. Which led to a discussion of the songs Phil Leager and Josh Ivany are revamping. I think these songs are something that will help us relay a message to the older generation so htey know we’re not trying to rush them out the door and into a grave. We want them to come along side us and fight. We need their experience and wisdom to help guide us along. So we can start reaping where they have already sown and so we don’t fall into the same traps they did. We find new ways to reach out if other ways have failed. They have the experience we lack, but will gain, and they have the scars to prove it. Army history is something that is very much needed in our battles today. Replace animosity with love, true Christian love. Siphon wisdom, gained from experience, from the seasoned souldiers, and use it. It is as valuable today as yesterday; Happy Memorial Day everybody.



It is Sonday all day today. That always seems to happen. It was a wonderful Sonday too. I had my first official Sunday morning worship service and was officially introduced to the entire corps. It was an awesome service. We felt heaviness in the room at the beginning of the service but after some hardcore prayer and worship we were free and clear form any hindrances. The Holy Spirit filled us up then gave us some more today. Apparently this is the fourth consecutive Sunday that has happened. I’m really excited to see where this corps is being led. I really was able to make the connections needed to relate with the youth here tonight. We have a program set up on Sunday night’s called Sonday Nite Live!! It was a blast. We had a short discussion with Doug about Demons and what they can and can’t do. It didn’t go as well as it could have but I think it’ll sink in sooner or later. We then went into a couple of games of volleyball. I was tearin it up WHAt!! WHAt!! I love it. Then we had pizza and made each other laugh. I don’t think this corps has heard my loud, hysterical laughter yet. Maybe eventually. Then I had everybody and their mom telling me what to do with my hair. Apparently a lot of people here think I should keep the long hair and loose the facial hair. I was thinking about loosing it all (after this year is over). I’m also getting better at Halo2 on X-box. It’s exciting! Peace Out!!

Rest and Relaxation

Today was my first official day off. A day for rest and relaxation. Aurora and I went to down to a bog. I was not impressed. I guess I would have to really appreciate nature to enjoy it, and walk slowly to see some of the animals there. Today is also Dougys birthday. Happy Birthday Doug!! I just realized the time; I need to go because I have to wake up early for church tomorrow. See y'all later.


POWER HOUSE--Ministry opportunity

Powerhouse. This is an opportunity to meet the teens in Bangor. This is a night that The Bangor corps has set aside for teens to come in and just go wild. There was: air hockey, ping-pong, x-box, foosball, basketball, Dance Dance Revolution, we showed a movie. It was just a lot of fun. It was definitely not what I expected. I thought it was going to be mostly the same people that went to YC. There were a good number of people not at Powerhouse who went to YC. There were a lot of people at powerhouse that weren’t at YC as well. This is like an amazing ministry opportunity. I relate, build relations, I strike…with the sword of course. I’ve always bee a little na├»ve in thinking that everybody in Christian groups/functions/circles is a Christian. I have always thought that, and I don’t know why. I just realized these last couple of years that is not true. Did anybody else have that mind set? I can’t assume everybody is a Christian because they are not. If they all were why would that gathering exist? It happens at settings like TWC but that’s training ground. Squad meetings are to get us trained up for these times. In the settings outside TWC I think they are very rare. Why would Christian bands have worship and response times at their concerts if everyone there were a Christian? Why would we have an alter call at Sunday morning worship service if everyone was an assumed Christian? WHAT WAS I THINKING? I love these ministry opportunities. I wish I had noticed these earlier. Actually if I had, I probablly would have crashed and burned.


Rain Rain Go Away. Teens, and, Alias

The rain is back again, oh wait it NEVER WENT AWAY. But I’m doing everything with out griping or complaining. Today Doug, Aurora, Tara, and I were all together and we finally had time to talk about some of the deliverance ministry we may be involved in. We then went driving around the city and went by some of the high spots and one area that had a witchcraft bookstore. There are a number of areas here where cults and false religions are very prevalent. I think that as soon as the three of us get some background information on the city God will start revealing some things on the spiritual mapping aspect of this city. One thing we do need to look at is what God has already sown among these seemingly ungodly areas of this city. I know that something good/ of God can come from these things. Wow! I do listen in class. I also got a chance to spend a little time with the teens today I got to get to know them a little more, but I think it still may take a little more time than usual to build some trust between them and I. I’m not exactly sure why that may be.
On a different note, did anyone else see the Alias finale last night. If you haven't don't read on. Wow that was awesome. It scared the crap out of me along with Doug and Aurora and Tara and Winfield (the cat). I couldn’t believe the ending it was so annoying. First of all it made me jump cause Sydney and Vaughn got hit by a car, which was the most random unexpected thing in the world, second of all he was revealing some deep secret that no one knew about. I now have to make sure I see next season. I can’t believe I was dragged into this!!!

Work is so much fun!!!! no it's not. But Seriously it is

I actually have to work while I’m here. I don’t mean work like we do at The War College I mean work like at a job. I am a truck driver at The Salvation Army Family Store. WooHOO!!! I’m goin’ to get me one a dem’ John Deer tractor hats and then go drivin all over town in Celine. That’s what I named the truck after Celine Deon. I love her singing; she’s French.

Okay that was a bad impression of a trucker. It sounds more like a cross between an Arkansas red neck and a seventy-seven year old man. No offense to any Arkansans or seventy-seven year old men. I really loved driving that truck around. Well, I didn’t get to drive it. I’m such a safe driver…well, before yesterday. I really like loading it with the furniture and then throwing bags of clothes nasty dirty torn and stained clothes into the back of a trailer. What’s not to love? Although if anyone ever asks you to carry/haul a sofa-bed up stairs just say no!! That is one the hardest thing’s I have ever had to do. That’s thing gets heavy near the end of those stairs especially if you need to turn it around to get it through the door. But with the help of Ted (the other guy in the truck with) we succeeded. That’s what I get to do every Wednesday. It's all fun stuff. Well, I got to go so I'll see Y’ALL later!!

Blessings to all.


Too Long?

Does anyone think my posts are too long? I think they are a biut long but I have so much to say.
Input is appreciated.

Perfect Opportunity...missed

Well, I think everybody reading this already knows by now. You guys probably read Doug’s blog more than mine. You all know that I have had an serious huge urge to get a police officer saved and I have been thinking it could be here in Bangor. Yesterday I had the perfect opportunity. I was driving this huge fifteen-passenger van…in the rain and I was looking to see exactly where the turn was to get into the parking lot of the Family Store (thrift store). I realized where it was and I focused on the road again; that’s when I saw them two enormous red lights. I hit the brakes and tried to stop, but it was raining and a fifteen-passenger van is not great at doing quick stops. The light had to have been red for a few seconds because a car was coming out of the street going across. I knew that even if I did stop I would have been in the middle of an intersection and people would have been furious with me. So I hit the gas and went right through. I didn’t look to see if there was a police officer in the area because I didn’t have the time. He, needless to say, saw me go right through the red light. He pulled in behind me, I hoped he was just going the same way I was because he didn’t have his lights on, so I pulled into the parking lot of the Family Store and so did he and then he hit his lights…STINK!!! Doug was in front of me going on but he saw the lights in his rear view mirror and went around the other way to see what was happening. I decide to play it dumb and get out of the van to get Chris, he told to get back in the van so I did and I checked my pockets for my wallet. Guess what I didn’t have…I had left my wallet with my ID at the house. The police officer came up to me (I tried to make it as casual as possible asked me where I was from (I don’t know how he knew I wasn’t from here) I said, “Florida via Vancouver.” That I think confused him. He asked me for my Id and I said that I forgot it at the house. He asked me if I had any ID I said no but my name is in my Bible if that helps. He didn’t like that joke either. He needs a sense of humor. He got my whole name and birth date and went back to his car to run my name through a system. Doug and I just talked and laughed. He never brought out his ticket book once, so I was feeling pretty good at that point. I knew I had never had any tickets or accident so I’m okay. I was too, he came back and said, “you’re all right just pay more attention next time” Then I realized I missed a perfect opportunity get him saved. He was divine appointment and I missed it. Oh no I have failed I am going to into seclusion, and never show my face again.

Not really. That would be ridiculous. I’m never ridiculous. OF COURSE HE’S NEVER RIDICULOUS!!!!! Okay I’m done now.


Bangor in a nutshell

Bangor is an absolutely beautiful city…when It’s not raining. I could have stayed in Vancouver and gotten this kind of weather. There is also no Thunder or Lightning. It’s not even exciting rain just wetness. From what I’ve been told it’s not always like this. It maybe letting up soon though. It’s also cold here. What is the deal I can’t catch a break. But I don’t like to gripe and complain so I won’t. I had a chance to go to Youth Councils her in Maine. That was exciting. Of all the themes in the world they picked Napoleon Dynamite. Heck yeah!! Why didn’t they use that in the south. Gosh!! flippin idiot!! But it was again cold and wet. The cabin I stayed in didn’t have heat either, but that’s okay I felt right at home. I had the privilege of meeting Tom Freeman; he is an awesome worship leader, but the youth in this territory are much more reserved that In the South. Not a whole lot of shouting or jumping when the song is up beat, so Aurora and I got a number of odd looks when we yelled out “There is freedom!!.” It eventually caught on. I got to hook up with a lot of the guys who attend the corps at YC. There all really awesome I’m going to have a blast this summer. I also realized I am terrible when I play X-box. There is this game everyone likes to play called Halo2 and I am absolutely terrible at it. It’s great fun but I suck at it. I mean…uh we don’t play X-box…we have a tough schedule thirty hours of work a day. Not time for X-box. That would be a non-productive activity…uh…yeah. Forget it. Yes I play X-box and I love it. Stephen you should think about investing in one…or two. Jonathan your slacking you should have had one donated six months ago. I’m having so much fun here. I got to go see Star Wars Episode III “Revenge of the Sith” the first day it was out. We thought about catching the midnight showing but that would have been too long of a day. So we saw the seven ten showing. As you can tell I’ve been having a blast and I think bogging has to be a daily thing so everyone try to keep up.


Fullness & Fasting

Fullness was absolutely amazing. I wish it lasted longer. Sure we were fasting but I could handle that. Fasting was not a problem this time. Everything that happened was just another sprint to the future God has for me. I’m sure it was the same for other people as well. People were set free from generational curses. Generational wells (personal and Corporate) were re-dug and some started. Seeds were planted in people, so some birthing may be in the future, and I got to meet some of next years The War College (Holy Terror) students. Looks like it will be a very exciting session. Anyway, I am very excited about what fullness opened up and what it will be opening up in the future. I really hope it expands. I really hope everything The War College is doing expands. I know not everybody agrees with what is going on here but let me just say it is a breath of fresh air form the everyday Corps (or as some would say corpse life) life. Not that a Crops is bad; not at all. It just gets boring after a while…and I’m not even an officer. It was good to see pushes being made for the Salvation Army to fulfill its destiny. It will be exciting times when people are getting saved on the street corners again just form a ten minute speak. We’ll tear hells throne to pieces and win the world for Jesus!! BRING IT.


Stephen Court Monday vs. Tunic Tuesday

Stephen Court Monday didn’t go as well as I had planned. Including me there were only four people who made an attempt at looking like Stephen. Only three of them had the socks and sandals. I figured it would so much more popular than Tunic Tuesday. This was the one day a week we could wear socks with sandals and it would be okay. As far as the rest of the wardrobe; I’m sure almost everybody has a pair of khaki shorts pants or Capris. The next best/closest thing would have been acceptable. I’m pretty sure everyone could manage to get there hands on a salvo T-shirt and then a open button up shirt over that. It’s not that hard to look like Stephen Court. It’s also a lot cooler than tunics especially when it’s hot outside, and not everyone in the War College has a tunic, but we all could dress like Captain Stephen Court, but there’s always next week. We can all do it on our summer assignments. I think that’s a wonderful idea. I will let everybody know when the next one is. Be prepared. So I'll give a shout out to those who were already prepared. Rachel Collins, Regan Lipsett, and Rebekah Barnum. The rest of you need to pick up the slack come on!!


The fuzz will know Jesus

These past few nights on Street Combat I realized I now have another life long goal. I want to get a police officer saved. Yes, that is correct. I will a get the po po, the 5 0, and/or the fuzz (who came up with these names?) saved. Sue Ann and I tried it last night on Street Combat, but it was raining and we couldn’t find any officers willing to talk for more than fourteen seconds. Whether it happens here in Vancouver, in Bangor, in Charlotte, in St. Augustine, or in Naples; I will get a police officer saved. I have also realized that moving is inevitable. Since I have been here I have moved from room 406 to 108; then from room 108 to 402. I also found out that my parents are being moved to Naples, Florida. In one week I will be moving to Bangor, Maine for the summer then coming back to Vancouver. Two Weeks after that I could be heading down to Charlotte, North Carolina. That’s seven moves in one year. That is way to much moving. Someone( I don’t know his name) wrote a song with these words, “…so far away; doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore…?” No the answer is no so build a bridge and get over it. But seriously this is way too much moving in one year. Salvation Army officers don’t move around as much as I have in one year (praise God). But I know it is all for a reason and although I don’t yet realize it I will sooner or later.

I also really enjoyed class this morning with John Evans. I now realize we are all bastards but God loves us anyway. On a completeley different note; how often does anyone get to dance with someone during class at High School? NEVER. If anyone ever wants to know Regan is a very good dance instructor. I now know how to waltz. Something I‘ve always wanted to learn…not really. I was able to Waltz, Tango, and beat Darren Hailes at arm wrestling. It was like Michael Collins class Australian style. I also got to say Bastard…a lot. So it was more Like Aaron White meets Michael Collins Australian style. That is John Evans class in a nut shell. Very exciting. I hope I can endure something like that again in the future. ~~Travis/Keith Green


Another apology

I need to recant a statement made the other day in my "Top Ten blog". At number eight Jenn Burr was quoted to have said, "Sorry I was late for PTB, I had to straighten my hair." I was informed by Jenn that she never has nor will she ever be late for PTB for that reason. Her is naturally straight anyway. I promise in the future I will check the information form my sources more carefully than I have in the past; as an good journalist would. That would have been hilarious if there was any truth to it, but seriously, Jenn was furious when she saw my blog. So I apologize to Jenn for posting a lie for everyone to see . I am sorry if this has caused any permanent psychological and/or damage or if this has defamed your name at all. I will do everything in my power to restore honor and dignity into the name Jenn Burr. JENN IS NOT A BAD PERSON !!! Just so everyone knows.

I realize that there are a number of people who may not have liked the quotes they were said to have said. If you have never really said something that you are quoted to have said on this blog I apologize profusely. I think a majority of what was said is very accurate. But if anyone was misquoted again I apologize. Please don't hate me. I hope everyone will accept my apologies. To everyone who thought it was hilarious thank you for having a sense of humor.