I'll stay and Fight...and blog...maybe

Well, I had made a new year’s resolution to blog more frequently but that one crashed and burned with in the first week. I am trying to be a little more frequent, but sometimes I forget or just can’t think of anything to write. I sometimes think that I shouldn’t really blog unless I have some deep insight into some scripture or some life issue or something like that. That’s actually funny for me to think about since my last blog was about relating Rice Krispies to the trinity. Then I was thinking about all the people that read my blog that I can’t or don’t really talk to often. They need to know about what’s happening in my life and more often that once a month. So here is a brief update of my life and some changes happening. I say brief now but we’ll see.

If you have keeping up with Rob and Heathers blog this won’t be new news to you. They are beginning a new season of ministry and that will not be in Charlotte, North Carolina. The 614 ministries in Charlotte will continue with me as the director. Our Area Commander and Divisional Secretary have asked me to be the interim urban outpost director and Leo is the assistant director. This does mean I will have to leave my wonderful job at Starbucks (I think I might cry), but I can always visit and maybe try to scam a free drink or two or three. It actually was really surprising to me because I figured that after Rob and Heather left the ministry here would be over, but yesterday I was reminded by Aurora (a close friend, comrade and fellow Martyr) that Rob once said that he dreamed of one day leaving all of this in my hands. At that time I looked around and wasn’t to impressed with what I saw. It was a neighborhood with drugs dealers, addicts, crack houses, prostitutes and families with more issues that a comic book. I knew changes would take place and I wanted to see changes and I worked along side Jesus to see those changes take place and I praised the Lord when I saw them happening. The issues aren’t all solved and all of them may never be solved, but that’s what makes this place so amazing, and now this is a neighborhood with a few less drugs and dealers, less addicts, prostitutes, zero crack houses, families with less issues, and new families with new issues. I love this neighborhood and everything that comes with it and I love that this is what I inherited from Rob and Heather. As they move on to a new phase in their life I will be moving on to a different phase too, but it’s in the same place just a different position. I don’t believe God is prepared (and neither am I) to let the enemy take back the land that is rightfully ours. We have spent two years fighting for souls and for territory and Leo and I won’t let that go with out a fight. "We will wage war with love because love never fails."(Hat Tip MC) Corporal Travis Roberts out.


Anonymous said...

I super excited for you!!! I believe you are going to do an amazing job....I will keep u in my prayers...proud of you travis

Stephanie said...

Woohoo! Awesome, Travis. Let Tilden and me know how we can help.