On the Shoulders of Giants

I'm reading a book called "Taking Our Cities For God" by John Dawson; I highly recommend it to anyone that has a love for your city and wants to break those spiritual strongholds and see it set free. As I was reading I decided I would share an excerpt from the book just to remind everyone of our spiritual heritage and a reminder of whose shoulders we are standing on. "The Father of urban missions is undoubtedly William Booth, 1829-1912. He and his Salvation Army pioneered ministry to almost every category of city dweller. They transformed the life of the cities of their day through compassionate attention to the poor, and they boldly confronted evil institutions until they crumbled. In London the age of consent was only thirteen, and eighty thousand prostitutes, many as young as ten, were sold in the streets or kept in brothels. Booth and his army confronted this evil with holy ferocity and fought until it was outlawed. They lifted a standard of blood and fire which is still the greatest challenge to the life of any urban missionary.
I just think it's amazing that The Salvation Army is recognized like that(I don't know how popular the book is) and that William Booth was called "The Father of Urban Missions". If that doesn't light a fire inside you I don't know what will. Be encouraged.

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Debbie said...

Travis, We'll be praying for you as you take on this added responsibility. Very proud of you. And, yes, please do keep us posted :-)